Blooming Baskets by Lisa come in four sizes – mini, small, medium, and large.

Because of their strength and durability, our large Baskets are often packed to the hilt and taken to the beach. "Smaller" baskets, which are not really small, go everywhere.

Underneath, Blooming Baskets are hand-constructed of high-quality, long-wearing rafia, a natural product obtained from the fronds of the rafia palm. Our rafia is wrapped or covered in long-wearing straw custom-woven for us and sewn for high durability.

Our baskets are made individually. Dyes are hand-mixed, with no pre-set recipe. Consequently, "purple" on one basket invariably looks a bit different from "purple" on another. Of course, all our dyes are formulated to resist fading.

Since Mother Nature has created an infinite variety of real flowers, we follow suit with all our silk flowers. From exotic lilies to stunning roses to huge, colorful daisies and many other varieties in countless colors, Mother Nature is faithfully recreated in silk for Blooming Baskets by Lisa.

The results speak for themselves. No, they sing more than speak. And you will absolutely love the melody!


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